This song has been a journey from when it was initially written…to now with it being released. It is amazing to think about and out of all the endless possibilities with the paths that life takes us, here it is for the world to experience.

I want to thank Yoshiko for her amazing creativity, vocal and lyrics. This song means so very much and we did it. From the very first moments we were in the studio to now, I am very thankful for everything and have learned so much from you. Your vocal is absolutely beautiful and the words for the song are perfect.

Photo by Polymath Photograpy

Thank you to our friends, family and supporters and we hope you like the song!

~JS aka Mindshift-1

All music written and performed by Mindshift-1

Lyrics and Vocals by Yoshiko

Recorded and Mastered in the Homebaze Records studio.

Mindshift-1 and Yoshiko
Photo by Jay Bratcher Photography

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