Mindshift-1 Live at Elysium With Bubble T

Finally released a live album today! It’s a forever reminder of an amazing experience of an awesome night at Elysium in Austin, Texas. I knew the songs that I wanted to play and when I found out that the sets were 30 minutes with 15 minute change overs, I was a little worried that I wasn’t going to get through all of them in time, but it worked out. My buddy Ritchard asked me about a week out if I wanted to play a show at Elysium for the Operation Turkey benefit on November 2nd, 2018…I said yes and the very next day asked Bubble T if she would like to perform with me at the event…and she said yes! So I went back to Ritch and mentioned that I need to have a featured artist next to the listing on the event flyer…an aerial pole and floor dancer named Bubble T and everything was a go. Next up was to promote the show and start telling everyone that I was playing with Bubble T.

Word got out pretty fast and a lot of our friends showed up to the show! It was really great timing for the show to happen as we also had friends in from Japan and China that were able to attend while they were visiting at the time. So that is how it all went down and I am so very happy that everything went really well. I had been going to the Elysium since I was a teenager to their 80’s night when it was once called the Atomic Cafe and then when it changed over to Elysium. This was a true achievement and great experience to get to play there as I have seen so many artists both locally and internationally known play that stage….and now it was my turn! I setup my webcam and computer at the back of the dancefloor and was able to capture the entire performance and am very excited to have been able to capture such an amazing night and am able to share it with you.

Many thanks to Bubble T for the amazing performance and if you ever get an opportunity to see her perform live…definitely go check it out as it is an amazingly beautiful experience to see. Today is her birthday and I am excited to be able to have released both the album and live video today to commemorate it…Happy Birthday Bubble T!

I want to dedicate this album to Bubble T, our friends that came out to the show and to our families that support us to fulfill our dreams. Lastly…I want to dedicate my performance during “Once” to my Dad who I am so grateful for…I was thinking about you on stage during it and am happy to get to share this with you.  

Official Album Notes:   
Full Live set performed and recorded at Elysium, Austin, Texas on November 2, 2018 for the Operation Turkey Benefit. This night featured a really amazing dancer on stage with me during the set named Bubble T with aerial pole and floor dance performances. It has always been a dream of mine to play this venue and here is a forever memory of the show that night….hope you dig the set!

Live Audio Engineering: Alexander Charles Ballard

Recorded and Mastered by: Mindshift-1, Homebaze Records. Many thanks to Elysium Austin for having us and the the following Artists that also performed that night: The Nimbus, Bragglights, Extension Chords. 

Very Special thanks to all of our friends and supporters at the show!

The album is available on all major online streaming outlets. 

We live in a world filled with love, music, art, amazing friends and family. Every now and then these all come together in the perfect space and time and if you take a deep breath and open your heart…the magic we all share together is endless.