This morning I was bitten by a bat in a dream

I was in a room that seemed familiar, yet there was no furniture in the room. The room itself appeared blurry or fuzzy, kind of how some “dream sequences” may be portrayed on TV or in a movie. As I glanced over to the right of the room, I noticed a really fast moving object that initially appeared as though it were a mouse. It was greyish brown in color and as I reached over to touch it, the small creature spread it’s wings as my hand got close to it. It was then that I fully realized what the creature was…a bat. It immediately flew up into my left hand and bit me. I felt it’s tiny teeth puncture my skin and the grave thoughts of immediately having to go to the emergency room raced through my head as well as rage that this little creature had now bitten me and everything that I would now have to deal with because I had been bitten. I closed my right hand on it as it was already and continuing to bite my left hand and began to squeeze. I quickly realized that I shouldn’t kill this creature, but rather take it with me to the emergency room for analysis and to understand why it bit me so willingly, but it was at this moment…I woke up.

Bats have a few interpretations in dreams. Needless to say, I decided to look a few of them up. Here is an excerpt from Dream

“Bats – Bats in the modern world have a negative connotation around them.  Usually bat dreams are scary, but don’t be alarmed.  Bats usually represent your hidden fears that you haven’t successfully overcome in your walking life. You need to change your direction and stop living in the past by making new goals. It could be possible that someone could be sucking all of your energy dry.
If you remember the colour of the bat this will help you understand more about your dream. A black bat represents bad luck that might come your way to teach you a lesson.
Some say dreaming of a white bat symbolizes a death of somebody really close to you or somebody in your family. When a bat is either biting you or attacking you represents your fears are getting the best of you. If you so happen to see a bat and are not afraid of it means that you are able to see things for what they are worth.  To see bats hovering over your head, symbolizes that you recognize your troubles but they haven’t got the best of you yet. Its possible that seeing a bat in your dream is a metaphor of being “bat crazy”.”

Definitely was a pretty vivid and intense experience this morning in my subconsciousness. Whether it truly has any real significance in my conscious life is yet to be seen, but definitely gave me a few thoughts to consider as I woke up this morning. Strangely, I felt a small sense of compassion for the creature in my dream, as it was now, not only in a literal sense, a part of me because of the bite. During the whole dream sequence itself, the bat never stopped biting my hand.