ACL Live Taping – Beck!


I entered for a chance to win 2 tickets to the ACL Live taping of Beck and won! According to the email I received literally the day after I entered (which I think was the last day to enter the drawing), I was chosen out of 15,000 entries. I had a blast as he started the set with some older tracks and then played his new tracks. It was really cool as he played the new stuff twice in order to get two takes of each song from the new album on the set. Once the acoustic portion was done, Beck then launched into more of his older tracks! I will be looking forward to the premier broadcast on KLRU here in Austin.

Set List

  1. Devil’s Haircut
  2. Black Tambourine
  3. Think I’m In Love
  4. Golden Age
  5. Blackbird Chain
  6. Don’t Let It Go
  7. Country Down
  8. Lost Cause
  9. Sissyneck
  10. Soldier Jane
  11. Blue Moon
  12. Dead Melodies
  13. Say Goodbye
  14. Walking Light
  15. Soul of a Man
  16. Loser
  17. Girl
  18. E-Pro
  19. Where It’s At

ACL Live Taping - Beck