ATB in the ATX-11-5-2015

12208423_10153271467942507_2815739718332953117_nOne of my all time favorite electronic producers ATB made a stop in Austin to play a really awesome club called Kingdom at the end of his current “in motion” tour! The club only holds 300 people and is always a really special experience to be able to dance all night to some of the world’s best producers in such an intimate environment. I have seen ATB already a few times before his most recent gig here in Austin and every time it’s a full on dancefest.


The first time I saw him, I had just moved to Austin and wound up driving by an empty Walmart located in North Austin while headed out to dinner. I looked in the parking lot and saw all the people and immediately knew that there was a party going on! Needless to say, I went to the party and that is how I was introduced to ATB’s music as he was headlining. Some of my very close friends to this day were at that party and it was an experience that I’ll never forget!


His set this time around was amazing and I was able to experience it with a new set of friends! If you ever have a chance to see ATB live, definitely get a ticket and be ready to dance!

ATB at Kingdom-11-5-2015