Buying Memories

High_Single_frontHigh_Single_backI found this single at my local used cd store that I go to. There are many reasons why I needed to have this when I found it:

  1. Recorded and released during The Cure’s “Wish” album which is probably my all time favorite album.
  2.  Has two versions of the song “High” which was the first single from the “Wish” album that is in my opinion the best lineup for the band due to Porl Thompson recording and playing guitar. This album also had Boris Williams on drums who is amazing. The second version is an extended version.
  3. Has my all time favorite unreleased tracks back to back being “This Twilight Garden” and “Play”
  4. I used to have this single on cassette! In which neither are in print anymore.

I love how music can just bring back so many memories and inspire new ones to be created. Very happy to have found this single again!