Lords of Acid Live at Elysium-Sold Out-October 18, 2017

When I heard Lords of Acid was coming to Elysum this year, I knew I had to go! The only time I had seen them prior to this was in San Antonio at a place called The Showcase in 1995 during the Sextasy Ball tour. It was an all out dance party back then as I remember leaving the club drenched in sweat from dancing with everyone!

My friend Virginia had an extra ticket and we went to the show. Opening for Lords of Acid this evening was En Esch, Christian Death, and Combichrist. It was also sold out back then and tonight…the show was sold out as well!

Opening Acts:

Prior to the show, Roland from Lords of Acid was going live on their Facebook page and it was really awesome to have a look into the band’s side of the tour as he would stream from the tour bus, pre-show at the venues, and post show. Pretty quickly, everyone else in the crew started streaming and it was really great to watch as they reached every city on the tour list and eventually made it to Austin, Texas telling their stories of the tour.

Lords of Acid is a dance party like no other and I wanted to be up pretty close for the show. I wound up getting a great spot and danced my heart out to every track of the set. Mea on vocals is amazing to behold and seeing Praga Khan again in person was so freaking cool! The whole band rocked the set and just like way back when, I was again covered in sweat from dancing!

If you ever have a chance to check out Lords of Acid when they come to your city, you should definitely go! If you do, you are in for a pretty fun and unforgettable experience!