Sometimes it is funny…

How life can be so cruel in it’s oh so many little ways. Just need to take and appreciate each moment as being unique, individual scenarios that make up my own big pool of life experiences and knowledge. My parents would always say to my sister and I growing up that we will eventually learn the lessons that they have learned, but getting there is the most fun and adventurous part filled with ups and downs, love and loss, laughter and tears.

I have to say that they were right all of those times. Looking back…I am thankful for everything I have been through in getting to the here and now.

Then there are always those little doses of sunshine that makes everything worth getting to those moments. Thanks to my sister for snapping the picture of the mold machine we always used to want to operate when we were little yet the whole time, we were always shaping whom we are to become…just did not realize it yet.