The Catalyst Project

Every now and then you meet someone who changes your life forever. This is the story of one such person.

Your ability to light up a room and fill it with such a positive energy was always something that I truly enjoyed and admired about you, and when you started singing to the songs I had written, sometimes it was hard for me to believe that it was so very real and beautiful. You kind of just knew where the songs were going to go and also how to take them to so many wonderful places with your voice. Looking back on it all now, and listening to these songs that we recorded, it is more apparent to me now just how much the music we made was of a direct reflection of our life experiences and this was our outlet for them together.

Life has its own unique way of bringing creative souls together. In those moments, in the studio, really were the best.

It took me a while to fully understand what you were experiencing in your life outside of the music because when we were in the studio and either practicing, talking, laughing, sharing stories or creating new songs, all of the rest that was happening outside just kind of went away and it was time to work, practice and have fun.

I miss you and love you very much and I believe in the music that we created. My goal and promise to you and to us was to release this someday and that has been completed. I hope to see you again someday and I know that we will be laughing, singing, and creating all over again, but for now, for us, and for generations both present and that follow, we can live forever through the music that we made. Rest in peace my sweet B.

Mindshift-1 and Britain (circa 2005)
Tambaleo show flyer
Latitude 30 show flyer