2014 Comes To A Close-My Year In Retrospect


What a year it has been. I was able to reconnect with myself on so many different levels, especially musically. I was able to produce a ton of music and also grow as a musician with fewer, but definitely memorable performances this year. New creation tools hit the studio with a totally new live rig.10458804_10152479662332507_1823529259883951501_n

Tahnapalooza was a blast to play!


I was also able to perform a 3 hour flamenco classical guitar set on the rooftop of Micheladas in downtown Austin next to the convention center. It was amazing to think about in retrospect…


and have a lot of good times with friends and family…!



20140814_194848  20140418_233219

Ashley Kat2


Friends Are for Photobombs

And of course the little one!

Ghost-3 GHost-2



The San Antonio Spurs won the 2014 NBA Championship! Go Spurs Go!


I was able to go to a few really awesome shows this year!

Infected Mushroom live at Emo’s

BT live at Kingdom

Nine Inch Nails

And of course one of my favorite bands to listen to and hang out with…Something Called Nothing!


My visit to the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg was a total life enhancing experience!


I finally recorded my classical guitar after 25 years of playing and I see more of this in my future!

So this is my year in review. It has been a good one with a lot of accomplishments, challenges and growth. I am looking forward to 2015 and I hope it is a great year for everyone!


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